Saturday, January 17, 2004

Music For Buses Vol. 1

After seeing a call for music and video entries for upcoming Minneapolis Light Rail project, it got me to thinking that it might be a good idea if the proposed RTA Euclid Corridor project budget had a spare couple of thousand dollars (less than five figures) to spend on honorariums for short pieces of music to go along with the art. And not crappy boosterish jingles either -- just short pieces of music written by the people who live here.

I know it's easy to overlook audio in favor of the visual impact that a physical piece of art would have, but Cleveland has always had a sense of sound about it as well.

Other possible uses

  • replace the "on-hold" music when you call RTA or for that matter, the new Greater Cleveland Tomorrow (or whatever they end up calling it), or hell, why not City Hall?.
  • Put all of the music on a website where people could download the tracks they liked, Also, make it a Creative Commons project so there's less squabbling...

Of course, something like this at Cleveland Hopkins Airport would be a great idea too, but that's just me ;)

Friday, January 16, 2004

Catching Up

After the whirlwind month of December, January has arrived and things have returned back to "normal" (i.e. getting the kids back on the bus at 8 a.m.)

Spent most of the late afternoon yesterday shoveling my driveway so my wife can get her car in without getting stuck in the nine-inches of snow that dropped out of the sky yesterday. It just wouldn't stop...
Now I look like I went to a crappy tanning salon (oxymoron?) with splotches of red from windburn...

So, here's a round-up of mixes/remixes/tracks from the last month...

More remixing for Patrick -- a "regular" remix of "Nostalgia", a radio edit and a 8:50 club mix that actually turned out pretty cool. When Patrick puts them up online I'll add the link.

UPDATE: here's the link to the remix and club mix...

There's a brand new tofu track, called "Eyes, Sighs, Lies, Thighs" , which sound like an electro track circa 1979 if you crossed The Flying Lizards* w/ The Normal.

Also knocked out a Karmacoda remix, but haven't uploaded it yet. soon...

UPDATE: it's now up -- Karmacoda - All That Depth (hypnogogic mix)

..and as a bonus link -- "Why Rush Are Better Than The White Stripes" (site may not be safe for work)

* If you ever come across David Cunningham's solo record called "voiceworks" snap it up... it's a really nice collection of cut-up vocals and minimal music. I believe it came out in '92 -- on Eva Records in Japan.