Monday, March 21, 2005

my time flies when you don't update your blog ;)

anyway -- played a couple of shows (KSU and UnSilent Film), catered a wine tasting for Tony Coturri (menu below) and attended the Cleveland Indie Club film group at Talkies yesterday (saw some really interesting films -- more on those below)

I've been out of the house more in the last two weeks than all winter combined!

First up -- KSU: in the article linked above somewhere around paragraph 16, I get a mention -- and despite the bad sentence structure -- I did not provide the appetizers AND the music -- although I could have ;)

I had a good time, played some Elliptical and Tofu tracks for pre-show entertainment, and played some mash-ups afterwards (typical comment -- "what is that? -- that's not how the song goes...")

Bonus -- I'll even toss in the playlist (beware possible vertigo from stylistic whiplash)...

The Killers - Somebody Told Me
DJ Matt Hite - Kraftwerk vs. ETBG "Model Goes Missing"
DJ Matt Hite - Shakedown vs. Taylor Dane - "Shakedown My Heart"
Geyster - "It's About You"
The Gothsicles - "Daisy Chain For Satan"
Nice Cream - Song 2
Evers B. - Get Ready
New Order - Blue Monday (Original 12")
gordyBoy - Cure vs. Bjork - "A Hidden Forest"
Police - Walking On The Moon (drum and bass phat remix)
DJ Pantshead vs. B-52's - "Love Shag"
DJ Earworm - Scissor Sisters/Beatles/George Michaels/Aretha Franklin - "No One Takes Your Freedom"
Flesh For Lulu - "Postcards From Paradise" 12"
Killing Joke - Eighties
Dead Kennedy's - Holiday In Cambodia
Sex Pistols - No Feelings

Next: UnSilent Film 3: "The Passion of Joan of Arc". The recording turned out really well, that's what I'm working on finishing this week. I'll try to post some excerpts very soon (it's a 80min recording)... The turnout was fantastic, our best one yet -- and the truffle oil popcorn will become a staple of future films (next USF looks to be Wednesday May 4 -- movie details soon, something different is all I'll say at this time.

Then: Tony Coturri Wine Tasting @ Riverside Wine and Imports in Kent 3/15/05

Another spectacular series of wines from Tony... I'm always knocked out by the quality and this time was no exception...

Here's the list of food we prepared -- as you can see from the pic there were other non-vegan foods, but we had nothing to do with that ;)

Inside Out Sushi Rolls
(avocado, scallion, carrots, daikon and wasabi)

Phyllo Cups with Curried Tofu
(apple juice, curry, currants, tofu, vegenaise, salt and pepper)

Stuffed Grape Leaves
(basmati rice, paprika, allspice, salt and pepper)

Marinated Endive Leaves Stuffed with White Bean Cassoulet
(endive: white wine and mustard vinaigrette; cassoulet: cannellini beans, soyrizo, onion, garlic, herbs de provence)

Polenta topped with Caponata
(eggplant, red bell pepper, onion, tomato, vinegar and sugar)

Truffle Oil Popcorn

Double Chocolate Stout Brownies

Lastly, yesterday's trip to Talkies to check out the Cleveland Indie Club: it was my first visit, and I came away impressed - the films shown and the level of discussion was really focused and relevant. I went to drop some copies of my film music demo reel (want a copy? e-mail me) and network a little and succeeded at both.

The trailers and movies were really well done -- it's nice to see the intersection of lower entry costs to DV and people with good film ideas coming together. "Turkey Day" (by Louie Cowan), "Vader: The Wonder Years" (if you ever see this -- watch for the "cost of the pizza" joke), and the trailer for Bigfoot that guest Bob Gray talked about. The "sizzler" trailer succeeded in whetting interest to see this when it's finished. His discussion of the nuts and bolts of getting his film to a distributor were punctuated with a copy of the "standard" contract that the unnamed distibutor wanted him to sign (hint: it's good to have lawyers who are also investors in the film).

This month's group was hosted by Bill Johns of CineVid Productions (who also showed the film "The Last Straw" he made at the Robin Hood in Kent last year), and kept things moving despite having to run into the basement to switch DVD's ;) -- I'm looking forward to next month's meeting...