Monday, June 30, 2003

One Ringy Dingy

So, of course the big news is that the telemarketers have to abide by the new National Do-Not-Call Registry that goes into effect in October. But I have to admit I'm not so confident it'll work after seeing the picture at the top of the page
of the family eating dinner. Check out the phone the woman is reaching for -- I'll wait...

...what year is it again? Or am I missing some intended irony?

NP: The Jam "David Watts"

Wednesday, June 25, 2003 I need a d20 to save?

This brings back many memories of drunk-on-cheap-genny-cream-ale evenings. Is it possible to get hungover on recollections of those times? Because -- Ow! my head...

NP: Violent Femmes "Blister In The Sun"

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

ah.... OK

Octodog. There's a Bobbit joke in there somewhere...

NP: The Jam "In The City"

Fifth Of July Fireworks

Great lineup at the Symposium in Lakewood on Saturday July 5, 2003...

Hungry Lucy,
Thou Shalt Not and
Subliminal Self

Doors open at 8:00pm, show starts at 9:00pm. Admission is only $6.00 for 21 and over, $9.00 for 18-20.

You might want to get there early, because it will probably sell out... e-mail Patrick for $4.00 pre-sale tickets

The Symposium is located at 11794 Detroit Ave. in Lakewood, Ohio.

Thursday, June 19, 2003


So, I'm working on some new soundtrack music this week for a indie film. At the moment it's a moody late night waiting-in-the-desert-for-a-bus-as-metaphor-for-a-new-life theme. (paging Mr. Ry Cooder)

I was reminded of the first movie my music ever appeared in -- "Killer Nerd" (1991). The description and reviews on the imdb are fairly accurate. You either find it so bad it's good, or you just shake your head in disbelief. I was just happy to get a film credit... the soundtrack was done by Sean Carlin (Dink) who at the time was performing under the MC DJ 1/2 moniker... it also featured future international star Dan Curtin (Hi Dan!). We all played at the movie premier at the old Peabody's with the big searchlights, red carpet and everything. Lots of 303's that night...

(for completists only -- the other film was an indie out of Minneapolis called "Fou" (2001) and had a song called "Subverting The Intent" from my project tofu).

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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Derek Hess Robbed

Update: There's now a $1000 reward...

A few days ago someone or some people went into my gallery and stole the original art for the three Captain America covers I did for Marvel Comics. If anyone can hook us up with information on this, you know we'll take care of you. The Cleveland Police First District Detective Bureau are on the case as well as my own crew. Whoever has these would be wise to get them back to us asap, it's only a matter of time till the hammer drops on your thieving ass's. There will be a grace period of no prosecution If you come forward and bring them back now. This crime is concidered breaking and entering and grand theft, both of which are felonies, which translates to prison ...... not jail...... there's a difference.
If you have any info, contact (216) 281-4868 or

On a personal note -- Derek did a poster for the benefit show we did for Clay (and his medical bills) back in '97. I don't have the original (I think his Mom has it) but I do have the mock-up copy that ran in Scene. I'll see if I can find it and scan it... On the bill that night were our friends -- Dink, Gem, Witch Hazel and Fuzzhead at the old Peabody's.

I've never had the chance to meet Derek personally and thank him, so let me take the opportunity to do so now -- thank you Derek, that was a mighty cool thing you did...

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Friday, June 13, 2003

Subliminal Self Show

Patrick's band Subliminal Self will be playing at The Hi-Fi in Lakewood next week, with In A Cat's Eye and Scare Tactic. Go check out some of his music. Here's the PR...

I am pleased to announce the following show:
June 19th @ the Hi-Fi in Lakewood, Ohio

Subliminal Self (dark synthpop) -
Scare Tactic (heavy industrial)
In a Cat's Eye (epic electro-goth) -

Show starts at 10:00pm and admission is only $5.00 for 18+.
Come on out and hear some great local music!

I'm working on some different mixes of their new material, and it sounds radio ready before I've even started ;)

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Monday, June 09, 2003

Akron Rocks*

Just stumbled over Moby's journal on his site, and in particular, the story of the Vatican Commandos (his high school punk band from Connecticut) and the van ride to a gig in Akron -- anybody remember the venue? He doesn't mention it by name, nor does his description ring any bells... scroll down to the 5/29 entry.

* bonus points for the name of the host of the cable TV show of the same name...

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Monday, June 02, 2003

Greetings, patrons of Brewed Fresh Daily!

More Baseball

We had the chance to get some seats to the Tribe game yesterday (the Indians won 5-4 in 10), thanks to my friend Craig. Great seats (club level), fine weather (didn't need the jacket after the 3rd inning) and I got to bring my son. I remember going to Cubs games with my Dad (and Grandfather) in the late 60s and early '70s, and I hope that he had as good a time as I did back then...

Three old stadium memories:

Craig and I have been going to Indians games for a long time now. Yesterday's game reminded us of the night we went to a late season Tigers game at the old Stadium, where we crashed a hospital function in the old football press box. Because of the lousy sight lines, a late inning drive to the wall in right field had us guessing if Cory Snyder had caught it or it went out. We couldn't tell, because there wasn't a TV feed (OK there was - but the hospital folks had turned it to Monday Night Football -- Oakland vs. Denver) and there weren't enough fans for us to hear what happened behind the glass. It was a homer...

The best part after the Tigers game was that we had no problems finding the car -- we had parked in the back lot of the Stadium, next to the lake -- it was the only car in the entire lot.

To paraphrase "Plan 9 From Outer Space" "It was kinda spooky-like."

Speaking of spooky -- Wednesday afternoon game against the Kansas City Royals (George Brett, Bo Jackson era). We show up an hour before the game, and end up with 1st base tickets just beyond the Indians dugout. We're the only people sitting in the section until the third inning, when two other guys start wandering around our section -- where do they sit? Right next to us (it must have been a block of four seats that were available). During the game we can see right in the Royals dugout, It's a late season game, Brett's in the batting lead, so he's gone early after getting a hit, Jackson isn't playing, but he is sitting in the dugout -- with a yo-yo -- scaring the hell out of his team mates. But the spooky part comes before the game -- Longtime bullpen catcher Luis Issac is coming in from the bullpen, sees someone he knows in the stands and starts to talk to him -- just then a female "fan" dressed head to toe in Indians gear, stands up behind the man and points a toy laser gun at Issac and fires (dwee-dwee-dwee). We thought poor Luis eyes were going to pop out of his head. Nobody says a thing as she continues to fire at him. Luis finally leaves and she sits down like nothing happened.

But the one that always cracks us up was the last game Reggie Jackson played at the old stadium -- as he, McGwire and Canseco all hit homers and Oakland beat the Indians 13-3 (or something like it). Before the game, as we were just walking into the concourse, Sandy Alomar, Jr. walks by us (in full catching gear) with a bucket of balls, spikes clanging on the old cement floor. and no one looked at him twice (except us, mouths agape). We never could figure out why he was walking through there, unless he was on his way to pick up a hot dog before the game started.

Oh, and I forgot to mention -- after the game, as we're leaving and walking in front of the stadium, I see a guy wearing a t-shirt of my band (Indian Rope Burn). There are less than 100 of those shirts in circulation, and I think I only have two left. I know the drummer from the band Dig has one, because he wore it in the video for "Believe," but it still freaked me out...