Tuesday, May 06, 2003

"Cuz I'm An Adult Now...

Yesterday was spent going to the store and buying "work" clothes.

Those of you who know me personally can now pick yourself up off the ground and wipe the spittle from your mouth.

Having been a "work at home" kinda guy for the last, -- oh, who am I kidding. all of my life -- I haven't had the need to actually own a pair of pants (or shirts) that would be considered "casual work" The truth is I've worn either (black) sweatpants or shorts every day of my adult life. And I have no complaints -- they're comfortable, I don't spend time wondering what I'm going to wear, and I keep my clothing overhead down.

So what changed?

Tomorrow I'll be attending a Wine trade show with my friend Bob where there will be 50+ Napa winemakers and reps. We'd like them to come to Bob's store and do a wine tasting (with food, which is where I come in) sometime in the near future. Black sweatpants and Einsturzende Neubauten T-Shirts aren't going to cut it.

So off we went looking for pants. Surprisingly we found them quickly, and --bonus-- they're black. Now do we hedge our bets and buy a second pair that's a litlle bigger, just in case (it's been so long that I'm guessing on the waist -- no, I'm not trying them on in the store, thank you). We decide to go to store number two, where there's a similar pair, a little bigger and on sale. Next up: dress shirt. Rapidly dispatched with two short sleeve shirts: dark blue and black. Then we wander by the shoes -- what the hell, the one pair of dress shoes I own (suitable for weddings and funerals) are 15 years old. Sure enough, there's an all man-made pair that (while clunky looking) will fit. I decide at this point that we best leave before the negative ions in the air of the large store start making me want to buy the hawaiian shirts in the next section....

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