Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Summer Vacation, Part 27

Today's vacation day was spent at the Waterpark, or more accurately, watching my kids at the Waterpark. The wife and I spent most of the day watching the kids float in innertubes, go down the big spiral water slides, swim in the giant pool and get alternately sunburned and rained upon.

Daddy did sneak off and play some hoops and get in some time at the batting cage. The good news is I can still hit the ball from both sides of the plate, the bad news I received a nice big blister (now raw spot) on my left hand for the effort. I did crush more than a few, but I'll feel it tomorrow. Didn't hit the putt-putt course because we did that last week in town.

Yes, I know, you want to party with me. ;)

I'll agree it's not quite the same party level as some of the backstage antics from ye olde band era, but more importantly, my kids loved it, and I'll remember that more fondly (and with more clarity).

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