Monday, September 08, 2003

Good News / Bad News

Can't have one without the other, pt. 27

Friday, while picking up supplies for the fourth tasting/food pairing on Saturday night, my car decides it's a good time to start making the dreaded "mystery" sound "RRRRRrrrRRRrrrRRRrrr" when I turn the wheel to the right. While this wouldn't be tragic if I were a NASCAR racer, it's difficult to navigate in the real world making only left hand turns. Call the repair place: they can't even look at the car until Tuesday (maybe). Thankfully, it's mostly left hand turns to get there.

Also on Friday, I received the news that I got a commercial gig, scoring :10/:15 spot(s) for a local jewelery store to be shot/edited in October. And it's just enough money that I might be able to pay for the car repair.

Ah well, easy come, easy go...

Update: yep, front brake rotors/pads, that'll be $500, do not pass go.

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