Friday, June 25, 2004

The crack of the bat...

What the hell is going on at SportsCenter these days? They've taken to muting the background sound of the announcers during baseball highlights and adding sound effects.

The one that bugged me today was highlight of the Houston/Pittsburgh game which was doubly weird as it was an ESPN2 game. Pop-ups sounded like gunshots, curveballs smacking into the mitt -- apparently the guy fell asleep for one clip as there was no crack of the bat on a Jeff Kent double. It reminded me of the old M*A*S*H episode where they faked the '54 pennant drive.

While we're on the ESPN audio tip, what was up with the sound during the NBA draft tonight? Lost in feedback and weird reverb was the general nonsense of Steven A. Smith (wait, that's not a bad thing). I understand they're piping it out to the house PA, but man, get that intern away from the console. Either put them in a booth, or move the monitors!

And as you can tell by the nature of this post, I have officially run out of things to write about on this blog...

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