Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Swimming Pool

Liz rented this the other day (mostly because it starred Charlotte Rampling). Brief Synopsis: English mystery writer (Rampling) takes a much needed summer vacation to her publisher's house in the south of France to get her mojo back. Tension and jealousy ensue when the publisher's daughter Julie -- the tarty Ludivine Sagnier -- shows up unexpectely and begins bedding half the countryside. You begin to get the sense that something isn't quite right at this point -- and it isn't.

As in "Adaptation" once the murder is committed, things go downhill quickly -- Rampling's character gets almost giddy as she helps Julie dispose of the body and burn all the evidence. I'll skip the spoilers in case you want to watch it... and as someone pointed out elsewhere, there are worse things in the world than sitting in the dark watching Ludivine Sagnier naked for almost two hours.

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