Thursday, April 10, 2003

from Graham on the microsound list

"You've seen the guerilla re-edit of the most recent Lucas?"… "They seem particularly to pick on him. One day we'll need archaeologists to help us guess the original storylines of even classic films."… "Musicians, today, if they're clever, put new compositions out on the web, like pies set to cool on a window ledge, and wait for other people to anonymously rework them. Ten will be all wrong, but the eleventh may be genius. And free. It's as though the creative process is no longer contained within an individual skull, if indeed it ever was. Everything, today, is to some extent the reflection of something else."

pattern recognition, p. 68.

of particular relevance to the virtual electronic music community, i would suspect... not bad stuff coming from a guy who has a soft spot for bruce springteen:)

and if your interested there some follow-up stuff on Gibson's blog that, if you've read "pattern recognition" will be interesting

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