Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Mix Tapes, er CD's...

I wrote a piece on Tres Producers last year describing my long-term love of making mix tapes -- or "driving tapes" as we used to call them when they were for the long trips to gigs that Indian Rope Burn used to make...

Now, I make mix CD's for my wife and her daily commute, and while we cook dinner together. Today's mix is called "Girls Gone Wild" and features women who swear and talk about sex (not in that order).

01. Pretenders - Precious
02. Divinyls - All The Boys In Town
03. The Runaways - Cherry Bomb
04. The Donnas - 40 Boys In 40 Nights
05. PJ Harvey - Sheela-na-gig
07. Romeo Void - Never Say Never
06. Liz Phair - Fuck And Run
08. Patti Smith - Dancing Barefoot
09. Continental Drifters - Who We Are, Where We Live
10. Let's Active - Blue Line
11. Romeo Void - A Girl In Trouble Is A Temporary Thing
12. Lita Ford - Kiss Me Deadly

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