Monday, April 28, 2003

A Wine Tasting...

Saturday night was spent catering a wine tasting for my friend Bob Morson at Riverside Wine and Imports. The wine maker Marshall Stuart from Stuart Cellars in Temcula, CA was in town to premiere his line of wines.

Bob has a house that he owns right next to his store and we use that for sit-down tastings, where we pair food with the wine. This is the second event we've done, and as last time, I learned a great deal of information on getting food to the table in time ;)

There's quite a few parallels between the gig Wednesday and the tasting Saturday... moving equipment around, the prep time (rehearsing, mise-en-place), getting finished late and having to load the equipment back in the car, the aching back ;)

But I had a great time, and the folks who attended were very complimentary afterwards, and all the plates came back clean -- that's the true measure of a successful tasting...

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