Sunday, April 25, 2004

Hello, Mr. Apocalypse? I Think I Have One For You...

I'm not sure where this one falls in terms of "signs of the apocalypse", but it must be wedged in there between number 4 and 5...

Armed with 2 turntables and a spatula, celebrity "DJ CHEF" Marc Weiss will bring the party to Food Network come this June. The new, primetime Food Network show "What's Hot! What's Cool!" will be featuring DJ CHEF on one of it's debut shows. Weiss' unique concept of fusing food & music is buzzing around entertainment circles as he has been performing his red hot "cooking class parties" for the past five years.

"Cooking classes are the hot thing. Marc turns your cooking class into a party, whips up the margaritas, turns up the music and gives you the whole package." Says Kathleen Finch, VP of programming at Food Network. Weiss has been a regular on TV news morning shows and has hosted a NY radio show ---"DJ CHEF FOOD 411".

Next on MTV... "Pimp My Food"

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