Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Ark Building

Well, now that the torrential rains have subsided (it's only raining normally at the moment), I can put away the sandbags, shop vacs and water pumps.

We got off easy, considering we were in the worst hit area (over 7 inches in some parts, about 6 in our backyard alone). The lake in our backyard came over the banks for the first time in 12 years, flooding the newly created beach and ruining the grass seed that had been planted two days previously. It also washed away some of the stones around the front perimiter of the lake as all the water came down the hillside like a mini-runaway creek. The house itself survived unscathed, but some of my friends basements had up to a foot of water (plus raw sewage).

This has been one of the wackiest July's I can remember -- between the big storms two weeks ago (which, I neglected to mention on the blog, knocked down a 40 foot section of tree in my driveway, just missing my car by 20 feet) and the sheer volume of rain this week has made it seem more like April...

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