Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Post Five Star Tasting

Man, I completely forgot to do the write up for this event (held June 22 @ the Vintage Wine Warehouse).

In addition to some fabulous wines, we also got to meet and take pictures of Bob and Monica with Andrew Firestone.

The best wines: Volker Eisle (99 Cab), St. Supery (Dollarhide Cab -- went back twice for this -- big, big tannins), Silver Oak (99 Alexander Valley Cab -- not released yet), Signorello (99 Cab, with the velvety tannins), Runquist (Not just the Z Zinfandel, but the Primitivo, Barbera and killer Syrah that I tried twice), Regusci (99 Cab and 2000 Merlot -- Jim makes some of the most unique wines I have had in a while), Grgich (99 Cab that was overpriced at 63.50 retail) Fife (Max Cuvee, Syrah, Zin and Merlot), and Gary Farrell Vineyards (Zin Ricci and Zin Dry Creek as well as Pinot Noir Russina River).

Jeff Runquist had a interesting theory on how Primitivo got to Italy -- namely that not all of the immigrants who came here, stayed here -- many went back to the old country with vines from the new country, namely Zinfandel cuttings. He plants his side by side and except for a few minor variations on the leaf and the dates on the maturity of the grapes, they're almost identical.

NP: Blotto "I Wanna Be A Lifeguard"

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