Wednesday, July 30, 2003

This Is SportsCenter

It was an interesting hour of TV last night as ESPN aired their behind the scenes look at the SportsCenter franchise. Although Felicity Huffman and Sabrina Lloyd were nowhere to be found in the control room, nor Josh Charles on camera, it was a glimpse into the chaos of putting a live TV show on the air every night.

Having spent a part of my college edumacation in a control room, that's about what it looks like -- you have to have the ability to focus on three or more conversations at the same time while calling camera shots while telling the talent that the rundown has changed and you're now 20 seconds short.

One of the funniest moments (after Kenny Mayne wiping out in the hallway while running a tape to the control room) came when the producer said almost as an aside "were dumping the WNBA scores." -- this was in leiu of getting Bill Mueller footage after his pair of Grand Slams from opposite sides of the plate.

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