Thursday, July 10, 2003

Mergers Suck

Two of my favorite things are not the same as they used to be:

Nike buys Converse -- now in the grand scheme of things, this may not appear to be a giant story -- but Converse makes the one shoe that I wear, namely Chuck Taylor All-Stars. This isn't because they're considered retro, I've worn them for 20 years now -- more importantly, they're made of canvas -- not leather (I don't eat or wear any animal products). I may have to do what I did 10 years ago when they looked to be going out of business -- buy a dozen pairs and hope they don't screw it up (I still have three more pairs left from the original buying spree).

E-xpedient buys APK -- my ISP since 1993, which in internet years is two lifetimes. I understand why they sold, but it doesn't make it any less traumatic...

NP: Jet Chamber (Atom Heart and Pete Namlook)

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